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MyReviews Online Manager for WebSites

Testimonial Manager for Your Website.

Aufrance Associates MyReviews Web app manages testimonials, reviews and comments for your website.

  • Online Testimonials, Reviews and Feedback Management System
  • Easy! No coding or downloading!
  • Collect tons of testimonials and reviews from satisfied customers!
  • Great for Search Engine Optimization SEO!
  • You approve and edit before they display.
  • Hosted on Aufrance Associates secure server.
  • Only $99 per year.

Boost your credibility! Smash objections. Overcome opposition! MyReviews is your key to getting as many testimonials as you want for any product or service!

Testimonials from satisfied customers are the most effective means to get new business. Prospective customers use reviews to determine if your business is trustworthy and if you have the expertise they seek. New clients need to feel secure in order to purchase items or services from your store. Let everyone know what your customers think about your store, your products, your business and you. Get MyReviews online testimonial manager.

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