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Real Estate Internet Plus

Real Estate Internet PLUS™ extends the capabilities of our Real Estate Internet™ Service. REI PLUS is for...

  • Realty Boards or Sales Co-ops
  • Large Vacation Rentals Companies
  • Property Managment Companies
  • Anybody needing MLS capabilities

Your Own Internet Search For Real Estate
Plus a Members-Only Secure Area for Proprietary Information

Your own search engine for your real estate sales or property management
Add it to your existing site or as a standalone
Includes NotifyME auto notification of new listings

Includes secure members-only property information Add-On for Real Estate Internet

Real Estate Internet PLUS includes all the great features of Real Estate Internet and also adds Advanced Features that include proprietary property information and members-only search and view.

REI PLUS showcases your business on the World Wide Web, and also allows your organization to share more property information securely. This is why REI PLUS became the first MLS of the Philippines. In fact, REI PLUS was the first MLS on the Internet!

Today, REI PLUS can provide your organization with a public view and search for properties as well as a secure members-only viewing, information retrieval and updates.

What You Get: Real Estate Internet PLUS

Standard Real Estate Internet features
Real Estate InternetYour own MLS search (Your own Standalone MLS or use your Realty Board's MLS IDX)
Real Estate InternetUnlimited listings
Real Estate InternetNo per-listing fees
Real Estate InternetIDX capable (Automatically included for Tahoe and Northern Nevada Realtors. Can be added for others.)
Real Estate InternetAutomatic email forward
Real Estate InternetIncludes NotifyME
Real Estate InternetEasy to use
Real Estate InternetCustomizable design
Add-On Features in REI PLUS
plusWeb developers: You can use REI PLUS!
plusAdditional members-only property information
plusKeeps property histories
plusMembers only search & comparative market analysis

REI PLUS is what property buyers, sellers and renters want.

What larger organizations need.

Secure Search Engine PLUS Special MLS Features.


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